As one of my favorite authors put it, “don’t make me niche slap you”. 

This term refers to jumping between niches too often because you don’t make a billion dollars in one niche market. 

So how do you select a niche?

Selecting a niche is easy, yet you may fail and fail until you succeed in this niche. As mentioned in the E-Book, it took me about 6 months to figure out which messages worked within my niche, which ones didn’t, who to contact, sales navigator features to use, scripts to use, and the list goes on.

The more volume you have here with outreach and conversations, you begin to pick up trends of pain points, objections, what they do/don’t need help with.

You can use all of these to your advantage in your scripts and marketing efforts.

That’s the power of selecting a niche.

This doesn’t need to be your primary niche in your career, but you at least need one for higher success through LinkedIn.

You need to niche down your customer base just as if someone was niching down to sell to you. This is a requirement because, as mentioned, campaigns to seem AS LEAST automated as possible.

The Right Market:

If you can call out a certain industry and pain points throughout your content, scripting, and marketing funnels, you’ll be at the highest leverage to pre-sell a client prior to a call.

We do all of this for you here at LeadBux on where to position yourself, common pain point trends to call out in marketing efforts, and optimizing your funnels to cover any objections prior to that meeting where selling is the easy part for you.

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