How To Build A Winning LinkedIn Profile

Profile Foundation Having a solid foundation to your LinkedIn profile is more important than you skills, your offer, and your message scripting.   How do I build a LinkedIn profile made for conversions? Let’s dive in.  I’m going to be using James Watson’s profile as an example below as he perfectly demonstrates this and has a […]

Riches Are In The Niches

As one of my favorite authors put it, “don’t make me niche slap you”.  This term refers to jumping between niches too often because you don’t make a billion dollars in one niche market.  So how do you select a niche? Selecting a niche is easy, yet you may fail and fail until you succeed […]

How To Sell By Chat

Chat Flow  The Key on LinkedIn is being relevant to get the connection acceptance door open, then start to position the conversation.  Save them on a Sales Navigator List If you get a reply from the “Connection Request” → go to #5 Lead in If no reply → go to #3 Welcome Message  2. Direct […]

Complete Sales Navigator Guide

Sales Navigator Sales Navigator is a product offered by LinkedIn that is a database of all their current members that sales professionals can use to build a lead list. The issue with Sales Navigator is that you have to get EXTREMELY granular with your searches if you want to get great results. Advanced Search Filter […]