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Get Qualified Sales Calls On A Pay-Per-Show Basis.

20 Qualified Meetings In 90 days Or We Refund You In Full!

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What are the benefits?

Saves You Time

Focus on high value activites instead of prospecting.

Saves You Money

Focus your time high value sales activity with qualified prospects to close the deal.

Saves You Energy

Let us handle the draining, time consuming tasks of prospecting for you!

Most Asked Questions

Nope! No retainers or monthly ad spend. Strictly pay for performance.

Our guarantee is that if you don’t get 20 meetings on your calendar within 90 days of campaigning, we’ll refund all of your money or work for free until we achieve results.

A common issue when having an in-house sales team is measuring on-target-earnings with no-shows on meetings. Paying commissions on meetings set, then prospects never show to meetings means clawbacks or you can’t make accurate revenue predictions. Working on a pay-per-show basis makes the old OTEs no longer a logistical nightmare for your company.

We have a setup fee that is calculated based on the volume of meetings your sales team can handle and the systems we need to build specific to your company’s needs.

This includes sales engagement tools, database scraping (we use Zoominfo), optimizations to your sales funnels, email copy, custom CRM with built-in automations (we can send the leads to your CRM as well) and additional omni-channel sequences if you decide to include LinkedIn.

If we don’t hit 20 meetings in the first 90 days, you will be refunded in full and can decide to continue working with us or not.