B2B Companies:

Get 10-15 Qualified Sales Calls Per Month
On A Pay-Per-Show Basis

10 Qualified Meetings On Your Calendar Within 30 days Or You Don’t Pay!

Letting the LeadBux team handle our outreach was a game changer. Their level of personalization and omni-channel sequences greatly impressed our prospects and tripled our conversion rates to hand to our account executives.
Deborah Smith
Marketing Manager at Parker Health
Brandon with the LeadBux team allowed my last consulting contract to go insanely smooth. He helped us secure top of funnel fulfillment with our ideal customers and led us to a 63% close rate from structured campaigns that nurtured & educated our prospects.
Anthony Nelson
Growth Consultant For Healthcare Tech
Struggling to learn the ins and out of complete top of funnel lead generation, I decided to work with LeadBux. I can't reccomend them enough. They take a very personalized approach across various channels. Understanding the value of potential prospects and getting them on my calendar was their best company characteristic.
Kaleb Strength
Fintech SaaS Owner

What are the benefits?

Saves You Time

Focus on high value activites instead of prospecting.

Saves You Money

Focus your time high value sales activity with qualified prospects to close the deal.

Saves You Energy

Let us handle the draining, time consuming tasks of prospecting for you!

Want To See If You're A Good Fit?

Most Asked Questions

Our guarantee is that if you don’t get prospects on your calendar within 30 days of campaigning, we’ll refund all of your money or work for free until we achieve results.

You only pay for the software & when we get qualified sales meeting on your calendar on a pay-per-show basis.

Profit share performance models can also be discussed.

We have a setup fee that is calculated based on the volume of meetings your sales team can handled.

This is pro-rated back into the pay-per-show meeting cost and you won’t be charged for these.

EX: $5,000 setup, $200 price per meeting. 

First 25 meetings would be free.

If we don’t perform, it’s stated in the legally binding contract we refund this setup fee.