B2B Meeting Ready Leads On Demand

You only pay when we provide a quality lead showing direct interest in your product or service.

A zero risk, pay-per-lead business model.

Hear From Our Clients

Individuals just like you that decided to trust us:

Marly Armstrong
Marketing Lead at Parker Health

“I wanted to let our marketing team focus on closing meetings instead of paid hours on prospecting. LeadBux saved us and increased monthly closings by 135%!

Alec Johnson
Senior SEO Consultant

“Brandon with the LeadBux team exceeded our expectations for our SEO agency. We consistently get 30-40 monthly meetings now with our ideal customers.”

Bred Myers
Founder of Tenix

“My SaaS team is great on the phone closing demos, but getting meetings booked was eating up all of their time. The LeadBux team consistently fills my pipeline and we have an avg. of 18X ROI!”

Why Use LeadBux?

What Do I Gain From This?

We believe companies spend too much money and time on sales representatives that are expected to be lead generating. We save you money and time by:

  • Building and scaling marketing campaigns
  • In-house expert copywriters for market campaign scripting 
  • Paying $20,000 yearly for ZoomInfo for access to the highest quality prospects
  • Automating low value tasks
  • Booking your ideal customers consistently each & every month

We allow you to focus on building sales skills within your team, instead of the time consuming tasks of prospecting. Completely done for you.

Resulting in more deals closed and more money made.

Why wait? Only pay us by the value we provide:

Frequently Asked Questions

A meeting ready lead is defined as someone that has displayed direct interest in your product or service. 

We only charge you for the technology that is required based on the number of meeting ready leads you would like your team to have booked monthly. Every lead provided after the monthly technology fee is you paying only if we perform. 

No. We only help B2B SaaS and/or service based businesses with a customer life-time-value of over $2,000 and has proof of product market fit.

We guarantee at a minimum 25 meeting ready leads for your business. The better your product market fit and offer, the more we can generate. 

After your onboarding call discussing marketing tactics and campaigns we will launch, it is hands off. You and your team’s only job is to set meeting times with incoming leads or supply additional information on your product or service if asked.

Spend less time prospecting and more time on revenue generating tasks.